Alabama Flags


This is the forty-first state patch made for the National 9/11 Flag restoration project.  The National 9/11 Flag was brought to Huntsville, Alabama on July 22, 2011 for a display and stitching ceremony at The Huntsville Jaycees Building.

The white state patch was made from two retired flags both donated by the Phoenix Company in Huntsville.  The patch was made by cutting out a 6 white stripes from the donated flags.  The patch is 18 inches high by 20 inches long and was sewn into an area on the 12th stripe (white) from the bottom, located approximately 8 feet from the right edge of the Flag.

The patch was sewn by 256 people during the ceremony.  About 20 employees of the Phoenix Company came to the ceremony to volunteer their time and to place a stitch.

The remains of the two flags used in making the patch have been retuned to the donors.

Members of the Flag Tour Team present at the ceremony were Dennis and Carolyn Deters, Wendy Hauser and FDNY firefighter Jimmy Sands.

The location of the Alabama patch is highlighted on the picture below.