We believe every American should play a direct role in the historic restoration and display of The National 9/11 Flag.


Sponsor a Stitch. With a donation of $5, you can sponsor a stitch in The National 9/11 Flag and help restore the Flag to its full glory.  To sponsor a stitch right now, click here.

Add a loved one to The National 9/11 Flag Honor Roll. With a donation of $10 you can sponsor a stitch and acknowledge a loved one in the military, or someone special who serves your community as a first responder, educator, volunteer, or everyday hero. Their name will appear on The National 9/11 Flag Honor Roll and they will receive an acknowledgment of your appreciation. To add someone to our National Honor Roll right now, please click here.

Nominate a Service Hero for the privilege of stitching The National 9/11 Flag. Please tell us about a local service hero in your community who deserves the honor of stitching The National 9/11 Flag when it comes to your hometown. We are looking for men and women of all ages and backgrounds who are shining examples of service and sacrifice to their local communities and to the Nation to honor with this unique and historic privilege.  Nominate your local hero here.

Request The National 9/11 Flag to visit your hometown. Tell us why The National 9/11 Flag should come to your hometown and nominate a location where you’d like to see it displayed. Request a visit here.

Request The National 9/11 Flag at your corporate event. The National 9/11 Flag is a powerful symbol of what is possible when Americans unite and face historic national challenges by working together. To recognize volunteer service heroes in your company and to inspire and give back to the communities your company serves, please contact us to request a display at a company sponsored event here.

Make a donation to restore, preserve, and display this unique National Treasure. Please join the millions of Americans who have been touched by this unique American icon and help us to restore and preserve The National 9/11 Flag so we can inspire future generations with the Flag’s powerful message of compassion and resilience. Please make a donation to support The National 9/11 Flag by clicking here.