We believe every American should experience The National 9/11 Flag and witness its patchwork beauty which symbolizes the transformation of tragedy into triumph.

The goals of The National 9/11 Flag Tour are:


  • We will restore The National 9/11 Flag back to its original 13-stripe format using pieces of fabric from American flags scheduled for retirement in all 50 states. This historic grassroots restoration effort will comprise a 2 year, 50 state, National 9/11 Flag Tour lasting through the end of the 10th Year Anniversary of 9/11.


  • We will empower local service heroes in all 50 states with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of placing stitches in The National 9/11 Flag.
  • We will honor wounded warriors, military veterans, first responders, educators, students, volunteer service leaders, and those who lost loved ones on 9/11 with the privilege of participating in the historic restoration of The National 9/11 Flag.


  • We will inspire 300 million Americans about The National 9/11 Flag’s rich visual history through public and private displays at leading venues nationwide.
  • We will educate generations of young people with the flag’s powerful message of service and sacrifice and overcoming historic challenges by working together.
  • We will deepen our sense of citizenship and national pride.
  • We will bolster the spirit of volunteerism on the 9/11 Anniversary and year-round.