Illinois Stories

Michael Hoff, Hines

(Nominated by Joyce Hoff)
Hines Veteran Affairs Hospital
May 3, 2011

Michael is a Viet Nam Veteran who was severely injured in Viet Nam. His story is this:  On Oct. 31st, 1967 he was riding on a personnel carrier that went over a grenade which exploded. The men he was with were all killed. He was thrown against the machine gun, hit his head and fell off breaking his back and legs. He was flown to Walter Reed hospital in Washington where he lived for one year recuperating. He was never able to work again or drive or live a normal life due to his constant seizures. His life was transformed to a disabled veteran and when you ask him how he handled all of this he responds with “I was just doing my job and I love my country”. He wishes that he could have saved all his men that day, his only regret. He resides at Hines VA hospital and has just survived stomach cancer. He is our hero!