Georgia Stories

Cody Pettitt, Ellijay

(Nominated by renee Pettitt)
Gilmore High School
July 30, 2011

My son is a US Marine and was injured in Afghanistan on Dec. 2010. He is in the infantry which means he is on foot every where he goes. On Dec. 30 he was injured by a r/c IED that was detonated and severely damaged his left foot, broke his right arm and he had schrapnel imbedded all over his body. He has been at Portsmouth Naval hospital in Va. and has had 20+ surgeries. His foot is considered “a salvage” and is doing very well now. His Dr. says with some intense physical therapy he should be able to return to his unit in about 6 weeks. His unit will be deploying again to Afghanistan in Dec. and he is planning on being a part of that deployment. He also while deployed assisted 2 other Marines in saving the life of a brother who was shot by a sniper from which he is recovering but still has a long way to go. I am so very proud of my son and so is his family and the community which gave him a very special home town welcome when he was home from the hospital. I brought him home tonight he is on convalescent leave and it would be an honor for us if he could be a part of such a very special event.