Georgia Stories

In Memory of Noah Harris, Ellijay

(Nominate by Aly Sutton Controy, Lisa Waggoner Crawford, and Mary Priest)
Gilmore High School
July 30, 2011

Noah Harris was an incredible man, friend, and hero.  He joined the military after 9/11 because, as he told his father when he came home from college, he wanted to serve a purpose greater than himself. Noah had incredible strength inside and out.  He was deployed to Iraq and quickly made a name for himself with the local children by handing out Beanie Babies wherever he would go. One of Noah’s troop brothers described Noah as stronger than anyone he has ever known, the friend who is there for you no matter the situation, and the hero that this country deserves. He was killed by a roadside bomb in Buquba.  His service and sacrifice had such an impact on his small community that volunteers placed yellow ribbons every twenty feet along the route that the Harris’ would be bringing their son’s body home, from the state highways to the county roads and all the way to their front door.  People still wear bracelets that read “IDWIC,” which was Noah’s favorite saying, which stood for “I do what I can.”