New Hampshire Stories

Sarah Fox, Portsmouth

Nominated by Russell Osgood)
Portsmouth Fire Station #2
Auguest 23, 2011

On October 9th 2007, Portsmouth N.H. Firefighter Sarah Fox was excited and looking forward to the birth of twins. The joy of expecting the twins was disrupted by a cancer diagnosis. That day she learned she was going to be fighting for her life too, as she discovered she had breast cancer. Just hours later, she gave birth to the twins making a family of seven.  While it wasn’t easy, Sarah fought through the many challenges and treatments that cancer brings and beat the odds returning to work in January 2009.  Just over a year later, Sarah developed a pain in her hip which was discovered to be cancer. Once again Sarah, her husband Matt, and their 5 children and extended family are faced with a second fight against cancer.  I am honored to nominate Sarah not only because she faces her battle with unwavering fortitude, but because she has touched the lives of so many along the way. Sarah’s fight has inspired friends, fellow fire fighters, police officers, local residents and people we don’t know from across this nation and around the world.  Following the attacks on that fateful day in September the nation was changed. The fire service gained a new understanding of brotherhood that day as we watched our FDNY brothers and sisters along with firefighters from across the nation and world come together. Sarah has garnered many of the same attributes here in our small part of the world. It would be a true honor to have her stitch part of the New Hampshire patch, as she is an exceptional example of courage, commitment and compassion.