Montana Stories

Allison Meslin, Helena

 Allison Meslin
(Nominated by SSG Jeffrey Lamoreaux)
The State Capitol Building
August 2, 2011

Allison Meslin lives in the tiny town of Big Arm, Montana. Before the Fourth of July she coordinated with the Postmaster of the small Post Office to provide a flag for the fly-over to come on the Fourth. The Postmaster, SGT Aimee Schmidt, a member of the Montana Army National Guard coordinated with me, SSG Jeffrey Lamoreaux, and we brought down the ‘Big’ one, a 35′ x 50′ flag. It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone commented on the flag as they helped hold it. I’m sure the pilots who did the fly-over could easily see it from their cockpits. Allison noticed the flag was showing some wear and tear and offered to help mend it along with a few of her stitching partners. She is working on it now and wants nothing for her time and talent. She is a patriot and I would love to see her given the opportunity to help mend our National 9/11 Flag. Thank you for this opportunity to recognize the people behind the scene.