Louisiana Flags

Louisiana Patches

Louisiana was the seventeenth stop on the tour where three patches were made for the National 9/11 Flag restoration project.   The National 9/11 Flag was brought to The Louisiana State Capitol on April 15, 2011 for a display and stitching ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda. On April 17, 2011 the Flag was then brought to Slidell, Louisiana for a display and stitching ceremony at The Northshore Harbor Center.

There were a total of 3 patches made for the ceremonies in Louisiana which were made from four retired flags. The first one was flown over Port Hudson National Cemetary. The second was flown over the Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial located at the Office of the State Fire Marshal in Baton Rouge. A third flag was donated by Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and flew over the LSU Tiger Football Stadium and the Alex Box Baseball Stadium on the campus and the forth flag was donated by The St. Tammany Fire District in Slidell, Louisiana.

All three of the patches were made by cutting out red stripes from all the donated flags. The first patch sewn on in Baton Rouge is 3 inches high by 13 inches wide and is located on the 5th row (red) from the bottom in the middle of the Flag.  The second patch, sewn on in an informal ceremony at the Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Baton Rouge, is 3 inches high by 5.5 inches wide and is located on the 5th stripe from the bottom directly in the center of the flag.   The last Louisiana patch, sewn in Slidell is 6 inches high by 18 inches wide and is also located directly in the center of the flag on the 5th stripe from the bottom.

The patches were sewn by 293 people during the ceremonies in Baton Rouge and 134 in Slidell, Louisiana.  The remains of the four flags used in making the patches were retuned to the donors.

Members of the National 9/11 Flag Team that travelled to Louisiana for the ceremonies included Jill Adkins, Lori Sullivan and FDNY  Firefighters Jimmy Sands,  Paddy Neville, Paddy McElvaney and Trey Piazza.

The location of the three patches are shown on the picture below.