Maine Flag

Maine Patch

This is the fourteenth patch made for the National 9/11 Flag restoration project. The National 9/11 Flag was brought to York Beach, Maine on March 23, 2011 for a display and stitching ceremony at the York Beach Firehouse.

The Maine patch was made from two retired flags. One was donated by Mr. Peter Bartholow and flew at a location overlooking Penobscot Bay in Maine on Cape Rosier a part of the town of Brookville, Maine. Cape Rosierwas first settled in the early 1600’s by a Dutch family who moved from Castine, Maine. Castine is one of the first permanent settlements in the US and became a critical source of timber for warship masts which were transported down the Penobscot River to shipbuilders in Maine and in Europe. The second flag was donated by the York Beach Fire Department and flew over their fire house.

The patch was made by cutting out a white stripe from the donated 5 by 8 foot flag which was made of 2-ply Koralex II a spun polyester fabric designated to withstand high winds. A white stripe from the York Beach Fire Department Flag was also used in the patch. It is 16 inches high by 3 inches long. It was sewn into an area on the second white stripe located at the very right hand end of the flag .

The patch was sewn by 162 people during the ceremony.  The remains of the two flags used in making the patch have been retuned to the donors.

Members of the National 9/11 Flag team who conducted the ceremony included Denny Deters, Lori Sullivan and FDNY Firefighters Jimmy Sands and John Walis.

The location of the Maine patch is outlined on the picture below.