Alabama Stories

Marsha Christian, Huntsville

(Nominated by Linda Wilkes)
Huntsville Jaycees Building
July 27, 2011

Marsha and her husband, Robert, have two sons that are serving in the military at this time.  They are both stationed in Iraq/Afghanistan.  I believe that the families of our soldiers are “unsung” heroes.  They willingly sacrifice their loved ones for the sake of our Nation and consider it an honor to do so. Marsha is a symbol of the countless families that support our troops in ways that we can only imagine.  At home, Marsha has also organized donations for “” in support of our service men and women.  She also leads a group of teens in a chapter of Generation Joshua, teaching our youth about our country and motivates them to be to be politically involved. I think Marsha deserves the honor of putting a stitch in the 9/11 flag.