Alabama Stories

Brandon Johnson, Huntsville

(Nominated by Tiffany Johnson)
Huntsville Jaycees Building
July 27, 2011

My husband is a medically retired Marine Cpl, who was injured in Iraq early in his Marine Corps career. He wanted to be a Marine and serve his country since he was a young child and the Marines visited his elementary school. There was he wanted nothing more than to be a “lifer”, but unfortunately that was ended 3yrs and 9 months into our Journey. My husband struggled with his injuries and having to leave his Corps, wondering what was next, where his place was in the world now, and how was he to provide for his family. We have been married for almost 8 yrs and have 3 beautiful children (ages 6, 5, and 3) and even though he walks with the aide of a cane and is in constant pain, he still manages to inspire me and others with his endless compassion and willingness to volunteer and give back to his community. He believes that although he is not able to fight and protect our country he can still do his part by serving his community and supporting those who are.