Alabama Stories

Scott Morgan, Huntsville

(Nominated by Anna Morgan)
Huntsville Jaycees Building
July 27, 2011

At our 1st duty station, EOD MU-5, Guam, he volunteered to spend 5 days waist deep in jet fuel to recover the bodies of those lost in the Korean Airline 801 crash in August 1997.  He has served two tours in Iraq, the 1st in 2003, in the initial ground assault with 2nd Marine Division (2nd Combat Engineers) and the 2nd in 2009 with NMCB 24 (Navy Seabee’s). During his 1st tour he risked his life to save a woman whose husband claimed she was dying. He followed the man through downtown Baghdad to a building where the woman was in labor, delivered the baby and then treated various local villagers needing medical attention. When northern AL was devastated by numerous tornadoes, he came home from a training session in Atlanta and spent days helping in the clean-up. His selflessness in thinking about everyone else before thinking about himself is what makes my husband my local Hero and I know many other people would completely agree!