North Carolina Stories

Donald Cumbo Jr., Southport

(Nominated by Joanna Cumbo)
Southport Baptist Church Christian Ministry Center
July 4, 2011

Donald Cumbo, Jr is the only son of a retired first Sergeant from the NC Highway Patrol. He learned from his father’s example that it was important to serve.  Shortly after High School graduation he went into the United States Air Force as a Military police officer. He left the Air Force to follow in his dad’s footprints and became a NC Highway Patrolman.  In 2005, he left the patrol and became a deputy with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office.  In 2008, he was involved in an on-duty accident, in which his vehicle was struck by another member of his department.  3 plates and thirteen screws later, he was 100 % wheel chair bound; no one believed that he could ever return to duty.  He was encouraged to seek disability.  Instead, Don determinedly worked towards rehabilitation. Five months after the accident, he returned to work on crutches; nine months after the accident, he returned to full duty. It is this sense of service and commitment that is an inherent part of Don as it was in his father before him.  And this has been handed down to his sons, whom both are serving in the United States Navy.  For all that serve there is sacrifice.  For some the sacrifice is greater.  In this country we are fortunate to have among us those who serve us, no matter what the cost.  Donald Cumbo is one of those people.