North Carolina Stories

Shirley Babson, Southport

(Nominated by Karen Babson)
Southport Baptist Church Christian Ministry Center
July 4, 2011

Mrs. Babson has served on the local Board of Education for the last approximately 25 years. She has been responsible for bond referendums being passed by voters so our county can have better educational institutions for our children. She sacrifices her personal time with her own family and friends to go above and beyond the duties of a Board of Education member. It does not matter age, gender or race, Mrs. Babson considers all children her children. I feel that Mrs. Babson represents what a true American should strive to support when it involves the future of our nation, our children. Mrs. Babson is not a politician. She is a fighter for the educational freedom of our children, the future leaders of America. When the name Shirley Babson is spoken of in any arena, everyone who knows her can tell you that she is a true fighter for education.