Tennessee Stories

Thomas L. Naylor, Nashville

(Nominated by Dujuana Naylor)
Hilton Nashville Downtown
July 2, 2011

Sgt. Thomas “Tommy” Naylor has been a dedicated serviceman since he was 17 years old.  He served up until 1998 when he opted not to reenlist in order to spend time with his children as they grew up. Then after the occurrence of 9/11 he knew in his heart what he had to do, he reenlisted. Tommy is a husband and father of three. He is the Patrol Sergeant at Whiteville Police Department, where he began volunteering in 2005 and has been employed since 2007; he has been a member of the Hardeman County Rescue Squad for 6 years and currently serves as the Sergeant at Arms. Tommy is also a licensed Paramedic and volunteers his services as a First Responder when needed.  He is truly a patriot and dedicated civil servant and gives from the heart. Tommy currently serves as a Sergeant with the Henderson, TN unit of the 1/278th Armored Cavalry Regiment and returned from his tour in Iraq in June of 2010. His soldiers that he commanded while in theater still call him daddy. He is a remarkable person and it would truly be an honor for him to help stitch something that means so much to him.