Ohio Stories

John McCance, Dayton

(Nominated by Katie McCance)
The National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base
June 24, 2011

My dad, John McCance, was a Major in the Air Force on 9/11 and worked in Washington D.C. on Capitol Hill.  He was an Air Force Fellow for Senator Mike DeWine.  On that day he had to evacuate from his office and walk to a nearby house where he helped Congressional Staffers deal with the confusion of the day and the horrible events.  My mom, and my sister and I were living in Ohio and he traveled back and forth.  When we finally talked on the phone late in the afternoon he helped reassure us that we would be okay and that he would be home when he could but he had to go to work the next day to help the Senator fight against the people who did this.  He did research for the Senator that helped him in crafting language for the Patriot Act.