Ohio Stories

Michael Casebier, Dayton

(Nominated by Lourdes Varvel)
The National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base
June 24, 2011

I am nominating my dad, Michael Casebier. For the past 10 years my dad has worked in public safety, as a fireman, Emt for CareFlight Air and Mobile and as a teacher of fire safety to kids. He has four kids that he sacrifices spending time with to always be there for others. We have had to spend holidays and family functions without him here because public safety never takes a day off. He will drop everything to help others in need. He also is on a national disaster management team where he can be sent away from us weeks at a time. He does his job quietly and without being a glory-seeker. He has taught so many and we know that one of his lessons did help save a young child’s life. By putting on his fire gear for a church program and teaching the kids that even with his air on he may sound like Darth Vader but he is still fireman Mike and there is nothing to be afraid of, a little boy, when his house caught fire, was not afraid of the fireman that day. That one simple act now has this boy enrolled in a junior firefighter program. When you’re in times of need you don’t think to thank those in public safety who are there to help you. For my dad to be able to do this I know would mean the world to him. I think this is an honor and a great way to say thank you!