New Mexico Stories

Kevin Sweeney, Gallup

(Nominated by Gary Vaughn, MD)
May 19, 2011

Physicians in general tend to be selfless individuals who are willing to give their time and energy to improve the health and well being of their patients and their community.  However, Kevin Sweeney MD takes this to a level I have never encountered before.  His dedication to the hospital he works for, and to the community of Gallup is inspiring. With regards to his role at Gallup Indian Medical Center, Dr. Sweeney wears many hats.  He is chief of Pediatrics as well as Deputy Chief of staff.  Through his guidance the Dept of Pediatrics has arguably become the most effective department in our hospital.  In addition it is the most “community connected” of our departments, participating in community health projects combating childhood obesity and diabetes. In addition Dr. Sweeney is very active in the community.  He is a member of the school board and works extensively with McKinley County on projects including Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) program, Prescription Trails to name just a few. Dr. Sweeney is the most selfless and caring physician I have ever met.  He truly is a Service Hero.  (Pictured: Bennie Razzie stitching for Dr. Kevin Sweeney)