Connecticut Stories

Carmelo Figueroa, Hartford

(Nominated by Lucia Goicoechea-Hernandez)
Connecticut’s Old State House
June 14, 2011

SFC Carmelo Figueroa is my Legislative Services Chairman on the Hispanic-American Veterans of CT, Inc. (HAVOCT, Inc.) Board of Directors.  Prior to this position, he was the head of our Honor Guard and still helps them out and is a member of the Honor Guard for HAVOCT, Inc. SFC Figueroa is so much more.  He has served in the CT Army National Guard for many years and deployed many times, most recently to Afghanistan from Mar 09 through June 2010.  He has a great heart and if he can help anyone, especially our service men and women, he is always right there to lend that hand.  On Memorial weekend, he helped a Boys Scout Troop lay flags at the headstones of our deceased Veterans at Northside Cemetery in Hartford. SFC Figueroa’s mother has been facing some medical challenges and as soon as he learned of her illness, he took charge and made sure she was supplied with everything she needed and he himself cares for her very often. He is a Soldier and a Veteran with a heart of gold who only wants fairness and equitable treatment for all but especially for his fellow Veterans.  I cannot think of a better Service Hero to receive the honor of stitching that beautiful, poignant historical memento that it is the National 9/11 Flag.