Massachusetts Stories

Frank Twiss, Danvers

(Nominated Ilene Twiss)
March 24, 2011

Frank is well deserving of this honor. He has served his community for over 30 years as a dedicated member of the fire service. He is well respected by both the members of his department & community. Frank has been Chief of Middleton Fire now for nearly 4 years.

Last week, Middleton experienced a massive explosion at a local chemical plant here in Middleton. Frank, in his capacity of both Incident Commander & Emergency Management Director handled this scene for over a week now with the utmost professionalism. He along with his department, kept Middleton, as well as the surrounding communities safe & well informed.

I speak for many who know Frank, that he deserves this privilege. We are all grateful & proud of him. I say this with confidence as we continue to receive the outpouring of support & praise for his hard work & dedication to the Town of Middleton & the Fire Service. The National 9/11 Flag will be visiting our son’s school, St. John’s Preparatory, in Danvers, MA on March 24th. We would love to see Frank participate in this great honor.