Massachusetts Stories

Joanne Patton, Danvers

(Nominated by Dick Moody)
March 24, 2011

Joanne Patton, the daughter-in-law of General George Patton, wife of George George Patton Jr. and daughter of General Holbrook has been an inspiration to all who know her. She is active in the entire northeastern MA area and hosts civic and military events for all branches of the services. She is an active member of the Board of Advisors to the National Military Family Association in Washington DC, and is on many community boards, serving in an active or advisory capacity. My wife and I founded a non-profit charitable organization called “Operation Troop Support” and Joanne has been an active member of our organization. In addition to actively participating in serving today’s military heroes, she serves as our mentor, introducing us to key individuals who can help us carry out our mission of sending packages and gifts to the soldiers and hospitals overseas, as well as serving the military families of deployed soldiers back home. This elegant lady has served her country all her life. She came from a military family, served as a key figure in one of America’s most well-known military families, and is an admired and respected leader in our community. Giving Mrs. Patton the honor of stitching the 9/11 Flag would be fitting as she is a living member of our American history and a perfect representative of our community to honor the most sacred symbol of our nation.