Massachusetts Stories

Cdr. John H. Carroll Jr., Danvers

(Nominated by Capt. Maria K. Carroll & Kevin and Kathy Carroll)
March 24, 2011

Cdr. John H Carroll Jr., USN Ret. has given his entire life the service of others. He served as a Naval aviator, landing prop driven planes on the wooden decks of jeep carriers and served at various duty stations in the United States as well as overseas in Spain and Argentina. Following 20 years of active duty he went on to serve as the executive director of the Red Cross in Lawrence and Lowell providing aid and support to the community through disaster relief for families victimized by fire or flood as well as aid to military families. When his career with the local Red Cross came to an end he continued his life long commitment to service by providing aid through the international Red Cross as he responded to disasters across the globe. When the International Red Cross needed a first responder in Central and South America who was proficient in Spanish in the aftermath of life-changing disasters, Jack Carroll is the person they called. These days, Jack finds time to assist the local veterans’ organizations, most recently as keynote speaker at the dedication of the Korean War memorial in his hometown of Andover, MA. John Carroll is most deserving of the honor of stitching the National 9/11 Flag. His life stands as shining example of service to country and community.  He is but one of the thousands of points of light in America who continue to shine and serve as an example to future generations. (Pictured: Maria Carroll)