Massachusetts Stories

John Clement, Danvers

(Nominated by Carole Clement)
March 24, 2011

A dedicated employee of the Groveland Fire Department since 1976, John has the distinction of wearing many hats representative of his expertise in the fields of fire services and environmental hazardous materials. Currently, he is Fire Chief, EMT, “Right to Know” officer, Chairman of Fire Engineers, Asst Civil Defense officer, and a member of the committee to survey structures. John is a highly trained professional exhibiting high standards of practice, whose role extends from emergency responder (EMT), to search & rescue, to lending a helping hand when a storm threatens public safety and welfare. John heads a department of 40 fire fighters and has made great strides in improving the fire department with equipment and training while always staying conscientious of budgetary constraints. He is also a Massachusetts licensed site professional (LSP) in hazardous waste site cleanup. Within his family he has always exhibited the same compassion, expertise and responsibility that he gives the public. In more recent years this is evidenced by the care he gives to aging parents, grandchildren who had both parents deployed to Iraq simultaneously, and to me in my cancer illness