Florida Stories

Angela Murphy-Osborn, Ocoee

(Nominated by Mary Biehl)
Ocoee Community Center
February 19, 2011

Dr. Osborne is the principal of Spring Lake Elementary School in Ocoee Florida.  As a Title 1 school, with the vast majority of students on free/reduced lunch, our students and families are not without enormous personal challenges. Yet this school is consistently an “A” rated school as well as an “AYP” (Adequate Yearly Progress) school, meeting the state and federal criteria. Through her leadership, diligence and hard work, this school out-performs many schools with lesser challenges. Her love and passion for our students’ well being and success permeates this campus, elevating all faculty and staff to do likewise. As a school nurse, I was assigned to this school last year (through her efforts and sacrifice, she makes sure our children have an RN on campus). I have been awestruck by her actions: she walks the neighborhood, visiting the families. When a student is absent too often and she believes they are at-risk for falling behind, or if there is a family in crisis, she personally goes to the home to investigate and/or offer her support. Quite often she buys the families food, clothing, Christmas gifts, needed medicines, etc.  I have seen her cry with deep concern and she stops at nothing to help anyone. We don’t have to wait for Superman…she’s already here.