Florida Stories

George Taylor Sr., Kennedy Space Center

(Nominated by County Commissioner Mary Bolin)
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
Kennedy Space Center (NASA), Florida
February 18, 2011

The National Veterans Homeless Support, (NVHS) has experienced steady growth even in our tough economic times due to the outstanding reputation of its Founder / President George Taylor, Sr.  George Taylor is a retired member of the 503rd Infantry 173rd Airborne Vietnam – He is a Bronze medal recipient a mentor, friend and hero too many.  The unique mission George and his team have undertaken is to “Eliminate Homelessness among Veterans in Central Florida”. George through his organization (NVHS) currently manages 3 programs: Search and Rescue, Seasonal Support, and Titusville Stand Down. The Search and Rescue program locates and identifies homeless veterans in the forests, parks, and streets of Brevard County, along with veterans who are on the verge of being homeless to help them transition from homeless to self-sustaining members of society.  The group provides basic necessities to reduce immediate burdens and identifies resources such as emergency shelters, low-income housing organizations, food banks, employment agencies, and VA Claims Service Offices. The second program initiated while George was an officer of the Disabled American Veterans Post is Stand Down, an annual event in Titusville, Florida. Homeless veterans for one day are given medical care, new boots, backpacks, clothes, warm food, showers, haircuts, hygiene items, and have access to VA representatives to begin processing their benefits as well as assistance from other government and community organizations. The third program is Seasonal Support: The Seasonal Support Program was created to offer seasonal and holiday-related morale boosting support such as bringing homeless veterans into motels during inclement weather, cooking holiday meals, or bringing them into hotels for a good old fashioned holiday celebration on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.