Pennsylvania Stories

Sonya K. Cole, Milford

(Nominated by students Dominique Dunn, Victoria Featherman, and Darrian Gordon (also nominated by Sharon Siegel))
Pike County Museum at the Columns & Delaware Valley High School
February 12, 2011

Mrs. Cole was a great principal. She retired gracefully two years ago but we still remember and love her as a principal, a helper, a teacher, and almost like someone in our own families — because she loves us. She has always helped us with our problems and she has been there with us through the bad and the worst, and the good.  Our school is like a team and if she is gone we will always miss her. When we miss her, we just want to hug her again. She is a team player. She supported us and gave us confidence to be our best and never give up. When we felt down, she has always helped us back up on our feet again.  Some of things we remember about her is she always read with us and every day she had a smile on her face. She talked to us about our problems and she taught us how to feel some good even when we feel bad. Mrs. Cole became one of our family members by teaching us and supporting us and even being a friend to other people in our families. She will always be missed a lot, but we remember her as a good person. Mrs. Cole is our hero because she cares about her students. She is a principal, but also great friend. We hope Mrs. Cole gets to put a stitch in the flag because she is a great person and friend, and our hero. We will never forget her.