Pennsylvania Stories

Kim Pearce, Milford

(Nominated by Anthony Gosch & Rhett Padgett and Stan & Sharon Siegel)
Pike County Museum at the Columns & Delaware Valley High School
February 12, 2011

Kim Pearce of Matamoras, PA is an uncelebrated hero who has humbly devoted his life to easing the troubles and lives of others.  His personal story is one of four generations of tragedies, he has been a quiet “rock” for his family and his community.  Kim and his family are devoted foremost to their amazingly family, but are also deeply connected and committed to their church, their community, and the wide world around them.  Kim is also an amazing artist and his work is mostly done as a service for others.  He takes it upon himself whenever he reads or learns of another’s tragedies to paint a painting for the survivors, strangers whom he often has never met, and delivers his work in person just to try to help to ease the losses and struggles of others.  Kim is a true quiet, humble hero, and we know that putting a stitch in this lasting flag would be an amazing and very meaningful experience for him.