Pennsylvania Stories

Kim Butaitis, Milford

(Nominated by Christina Brinster, Jared Burger, Sal Centanni, Lucas Rasselenberg and Sharon Siegel)
Pike County Museum at the Columns & Delaware Valley High School
February 12, 2011

Mrs. Butaitis always tries to do many activities to help our school and the children in it.  She makes it a fun place to be, but also challenges us to get ready for life by working hard and doing our best, always.  Even though Ms. Butaitis has only been at DVES for three years, she cares about all of the students and staff and it shows.  She encourages us and keeps us on track on our school work and on how we treat each other.

There are 600 or more students in our school, but she she knows all of us.  She is a very friendly principal and a friend to all of us.  She helps us through all of our tough times by cheering us up when we feel down.  Even though she is very busy, she always makes time for us. Besides our school activities, Ms. Butaitis gets kids involved to help people less fortunate.  One program that she brought to our school is Shoes for Soldiers.  She also started the Heart Walk to raise money for people with heart problems, and she also started a club called Kids Who Care. This club is kids who help cheer up and help kids with disabilities or who lost a parent or other tragedies. We would like to nominate Ms. Butaitis as our hero because she is a kind, loving person who we wish we could have for a principal forever.