Pennsylvania Stories

Flo Santini, Milford

(Nominated by Stan and Sharon Siegel and Kathy Basile)
Pike County Museum at the Columns & Delaware Valley High School
February 12, 2011

The tragedies of 9-11-01 and the losses and heroism of others are always on the mind of Town of Deerpark Town Clerk Flo Santini.  Four years ago, Flo Santini took it upon herself to begin a 9/11 remembrance event, just something she does to recognize the losses of that day and the patriotism that was shown by others through their help.  This event has grown tremendously in size and continued each year since, but Flo seems to go to all extremes to avoid the limelight or any attention to herself.  While Flo salutes heroes and helps others through tough times, she has become a community hero on her own.  We appreciate all that Flo does, and we consider her someone who should definitely be part of your amazing visit to our area.  We know that having a part in stitching this powerful symbol of America and American resilience is something that would mean more to Flo than we can even imagine!