Pennsylvania Stories

Emily Magnotta, Milford

(Nominated by Sharon Siegel)
Pike County Museum at the Columns & Delaware Valley High School
February 12, 2011

Emily is a recent college graduate from Texas A & M.  She is a Gold Star Girl Scout whose scouting ideals continue in everything she does. She has been involved in activities at school and in the community since elementary school. As she has progressed through her life, she has expanded the scope of her efforts but has continued to volunteer at Delaware Valley Elementary school. Most recently she has spent six months converting videotapes of the school’s live daily television broadcasts to DVDs preserving 20 years of amazing interviews with some outstanding role models. She has evolved to national projects in many areas of the United States and to international efforts in Switzerland and the poverty-stricken areas of India working with children and families. Her latest project will be a two year commitment to the Peace Corps which she will spend in the Dominic Republic. Despite concerns of family and friends for her safety and well being, she is never hesitant when it comes to her goals and her commitment to helping others.