Indiana Flags

Indiana Patches

This is the fourth patch made for the National 9/11 Flag restoration project.  The National 9/11 Flag was brought to De Gona Springs, Indiana on November 6th to Baker Chapel which was destroyed in the November, 2005 tornado and rebuilt by the New York Says Thank You Foundation volunteers.  It was also brought to The Seventh Day Adventist Church in Newburg, Indiana also on November 6th to remember the losses during the same 2005 tornado.  The Indiana Patch was made from two flags, one that was found in the rubble of Baker Chapel and the other flag which flew over Evansville Memorial Park and Playground in Newburgh where over 30 people lost their lives.

The Indiana patch was made by cutting out several red strips from both of these 3 foot by 5 foot retired flags. Its approximately 13 inches high and 32 inches long.  It was sewn into the lower left hand area of the bottom red stripe.  A combination of 247 people stitched the patches in De Gona Springs and Newburg, Indiana.   The remains of the two flags used in making the patch were returned Baker Chapel and the people of Newburgh, Indiana for proper disposal.

 Members of the Flag Tour Team included Jeff Parness, Carolyn and Denny Deters, and FDNY firefighter Jimmy Sands.

The location of the Indiana patch is shown on the picture below.