Missouri Stories

Thomas Peters, Branson

(Nominated by Jaynee Peters)
Veterans Week, Factory Merchants Mall
November 9, 2010

After 9/11 he has kept the memory alive through poetry and performance.  We are performers and were working in Branson, Missouri the terrible day of the attack.  We had a matinee that day, and we naturally assumed that the show would be called out of respect.  It was not.  This burned a lasting impression on Tom and he composed a poem entitled, “Let Us Remember”.  Since that time he has performed, recorded, and recited this poem each year to remind all of us of that terrible day.  This is the poem.

Let Us Remember
September 11, 2001

Coffee began to perk, New Yorkers went to work, then planes hit the towers the whole world went berserk.
Firemen to the rescue, but trapped on the stairs, beside them brave policeman, remember them in your prayers.
A few precious moments in time had elapsed, when both twin towers completely collapsed.
Blazing fires, twisted steel, heavy, choking smoke, heroes to ground zero, the valiant volunteer, the love ones of lost ones who will never hold them near.
Over three thousand Americans died that tragic day, hunt down the hate hyenas, with their blood make them pay.
Remember the patriots of flight 93, who gave their lives to save Washington D.C.
Our beat upon Pentagon still carries on, Our freedom fighting forces bomb evil every dawn,
On September 11, 2001 the war on terrorism began to be won.
Here in America united we stand for love ones who fell on ground zero land.
In the breeze of freedom let Old Glory wave and terrorists never our Nation enslave.
And Let Us Remember

We work in Branson, Missouri and I am the spokesperson for The Titanic Museum Attraction in Branson.  Tom has a fierce patriotism and his sentiments are not cliche, maudlin, or trite.  They are real, thought out, and common sense messages of true love of country.  He should be honored for the honor he pays to those that have fallen in service to their country.  I believe he should be the poet-laureate for the decade anniversary of this bloody day in American History.