Arkansas Stories

John Buzan, Little Rock

(Nomination by Ed Ward)
Little Rock Capitol Rotunda
September 1, 2010

John is an Army & Marine veteran who has served this great nation for many years.  John was an Army Ranger with the 10th Mountain Division in Somalia.  The Black Hawk Down movie was about his unit and his guys.  During a mission, John was wounded so bad they thought he was dead or going to die.  John has found another way to continue to serve his nation.  He is an instructor for the Domestic Preparedness Equipment Training Assistance Program (DPETAP) based at the Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas.  John is part of a program that trains the Nation’s First Responders on how to respond to terrorist attacks and weapons of mass destruction.  John’s love and belief in this country is amazing.  By being part of DPETAP he is about to make our country a safer and better place.  He does this by helping those responders be safer and better prepared for their job.  Although John cannot respond now, he still proudly serves.  (Sitting in for John and shown stitching is Ed Ward.)