Louisiana Stories

Fred Zeile, Slidell

(Nominated by Bob Coniglione)
North Shore Harbor Center
April 17, 2011

Fred embodies everything the American Flag represents.  He is a proud American who earned acceptance to the US Naval Academy and then served 20 years retiring as a Commander.  He went to Viet Nam and served aboard combat ships and later commanded a forward deployed unit in Keflavick Iceland to help end the cold war.  He became a scientist.  He’s dedicated his post naval career to helping understand our oceans and how we need to treat them so our great grand children can enjoy the fruits and beauty of our planet.  Fred contributes to programs dedicated to our troops like the Wounded Warrior program.  He stands at attention when he hears the National Anthem and he wipes away a tear when it’s over.  I want Fred to stitch the Flag because I know he would give his life to protect it.