Louisiana Stories

Bob Coniglione, Slidell

(Nominated by Fred Zeile)
North Short Harbor Center
April 15, 2011

Bob Coniglione is a true Hometown/Service Hero who has faithfully served his community and country throughout his distinguished military career and continues to serve in his post military life. Bob is a retired Master Chief Petty Office in the US Navy, have served honorably as the Force Master Chief for the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command with over 2,000 officers and sailors deployed around the world. Master Chief Coniglione has served at sea in both the Atlantic and Pacific. His focus throughout his time in the military was to continually support the enlisted sailors under his command. Since his retirement from the Navy in 1999, Bob has served as the General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) Operations Director for Navy and NOAA programs at Stennis Space Center. He continues to serve the Gulf Coast community in a variety of leadership roles, including leading and organizing the Annual Gulf Coast Salute to the Military. The impressive black-tie event, hosted by either Senator Cochran or Wicker, brings together about 1,600 local citizens to demonstrate their appreciation for the military personnel stationed here. Bob is a native New Yorker, grew up in Brooklyn, and worked as a security guard at the World Trade Center prior to entering the Navy. It is most fitting for Bob to be recognized at this 911 Flag Ceremony in Slidell.