South Dakota Stories

Branden Stackenwalt, Mount Rushmore

(Nominated by Kim Stackenwalt)
Mount Rushmore National Memorial
August 9, 2011

Our son was serving our country in Afghanistan on Sept 20 of 2009 when his unit was hit by an IED. His best friend died, and he and three others were severely wounded. Our son has severe breaks to his neck, back, left arm, both legs from the knees down and both heels were completely shattered. Ha also sustained a mild TBI. The doctors didn’t think he would ever walk again, but like a true soldier he didn’t give up that fight either. He has had several surgeries. Not only did he fight in the war, but he fought to get where he is today. He walks with no help or any assistance. Yes he is a wounded soldier and he is one of Rapid City’s heroes.