South Dakota Stories

David Woodcock, Mount Rushmore

(Nominated by Scott L. Davis)
Mount Rushmore National Memorial
August 9, 2011

I nominate David Woodcock for the honor of stitching The National 9/11 Flag.  Dave is a true American Hero.  Dave served as an Infantry Soldier in the United States Army from 1989 to 1999 on Active Duty and in the National Guard.  Dave deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Desert Storm with the 3/325 Airborne Battalion Combat Team.  After Military Service, Dave entered a career with the National Park Servce, as a Law Enforcement Park Ranger in order to protect America’s Treasures. Dave has worked with the National Park Service in Alaska and currently serves at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, “The Shrine of Democracy” in Western South Dakota.  Dave plays an integral role in protecting the natural and cultural resources set aside for the enjoyment of current and future generations.  Dave is a member of the National Park Service’s Midwest Region Special Event and Tactical Team, who have assisted with protecting other National Parks, protecting our border, and serving the Native American People on Reservations.  Dave is one of the few people I think of as a true American Hero.