Kansas Stories

Bill Carter, St. Joseph (MO)

Greensburg Kansas High School
May 28, 2011

Bill’s favorite saying is “You don’t retire FROM something – you retire TO something” and over 25 years ago he retired to a new vocation of Christian service.  Over the years he has shared his time and his talents with many people, and in many ways, from making pulpits, kneeling rails and stained glass panels for the church to teaching furniture building, stained glass and other crafts to friends and family.  One of his favorite missions has truly been his recovery work here in Greensburg.  He has made over 12 trips to Greensburg and he’s made 10 times that many new friends.  He loves to tell everyone about the wonderful people of Greensburg and the joy and satisfaction that he’s gained by helping in this recovery.  It is truly a joy and an honor to have Bill and his family here with us today.