Kentucky Stories

Tim Martinez, Frankfort

(Nominated by Patty Martinez)
May 6, 2011

Commander Martinez has been a staple for our community in the activities that are conducted for both our veterans and the members of our community.  He services veterans and their families by provided services in helping them submit documentation to the Veterans Administration for claims and compensation for the widows of veterans.  His demeanor when working with these veterans and their loved ones is caring and compassionate for their plight.  He served in the Army for over 23 years and was an integral part of the cleanup following the 9-11 attack on the Pentagon. He served in the Joint Personnel Effects Depot where they worked many long arduous hours to ensure that any remaining articles could be recovered and returned back to the loved ones of the victims of the attack.  This task took a great deal out of him emotionally on a daily basis but there was not a day that went by that he was not thinking of what he could do to assist the families even more.  This type of dedication is what he offers to the American Legion Post 7 family and why he was elected as our Commander.  He also assists other posts veterans and ensures that they receive any type of assistance that the organization can provide.  He is a true hero in my eyes and it would be such a great honor if he could stitch on the National 9/11 Flag.