Kansas Stories

Ed Dauber, Greensburg

Greensburg Kansas High School
May 28, 2011

Edward Dauber Jr. was born September 10, 1932.  He moved to Greensburg, KS from Russell, KS in 1948 and attended his last three years of high school, graduating in 1951, at Greensburg High School.  Ed worked for Boeing for 1 year before joining the Army in January 1953.  Ed completed his basic training at Fort Lenardwood in Missouri and then attended mechanic school at Ft. Knox in Kentucky where he serviced military tanks.  He went directly to Korea in May and was in the 2nd Division 23rd Infantry 23rd Tank Co. 4th platoon.  In January 1954 the 2nd Division came home and he went to Hawaii in the 25th Infantry Tank battalion.  Ed stayed in Hawaii until he was discharged and returned to Greensburg in 1955. In December 1955, he married Beverly Moody and the two now have 2 sons, 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren and remain in Greensburg.