Oklahoma Stories

Larry Foreman, Oklahoma City

(Nominated by Joan Foreman)
Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum
April 20, 2011

Larry Foreman is my husband. He served three years in the Army. His last year was spent in Vietnam. He was awarded the Bronze Star for his service. When he returned from Vietnam, Larry began teaching at Putnam City High School, in Oklahoma City, where he taught for thirty-eight years. He was the head of the Social Studies Department and taught subjects that he loved: American History, World History and Problems of Democracy. His former students often thank him for teaching them to take notes in class, to love history, and to think critically. He also took a personal interest in each student and modeled for them what it means to be open-minded, tolerant, patient and compassionate. Larry took students to Washington, D.C., many times, as part of the Close-Up Program. His students got to see democracy in action. Larry retired from teaching three years ago. Now he has time to read all of the history books he has bought over the years. He also makes models of World War II planes, jeeps and tanks. Larry and I have seen a program on television on the National 9/11 Flag and we both got teary-eyed. I know he would be honored if her were chosen to participate.