Oklahoma Stories

Tom Hall, Oklahoma City

(Nominated by Clint Griffith)
Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum
April 20, 2011

Tom Hall is a US Navy Veteran, US Air National Guard Retiree, US General Services Administration Employee, and a Survivor of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing.  Tom was likely the closest surviving victim of this bombing.  During this event he was on the first floor adjacent to the entrance.  After a near death experience, in which many floors overhead collapsed, he was fortunate to survive.  Tom lost 12 pints of blood, suffered many broken bones, and experienced electrocution, but Tom continues to work as a Construction Project Manager in the Oklahoma City Federal Courthouse.  Tom’s ability to relive the experience and capability to talk about the horrible experiences in great detail is inspiring to many.  He serves on the many boards and committees that oversee the Oklahoma City Memorial to ensure the history of the event, building, and memorial are represented fairly.  His amazing survival story, strength, and character would be well represented as a Service Hero.