New York Stories

Pat and Mary Sullivan, Breezy Point

(Nominated by Robert Doyle)
The Catholic Club
September 5, 2011

Pat & Mary Sullivan lost their 32 year old son, Patrick Jr. in the attack on the World Trade Center.  In tribute to their son they joined the Volunteer Ambulance Corps in Breezy Point where they reside as summer residents.  Mary got her EMT license and Paddy drives the ambulance.  All hours of the day and night they respond to calls for help. Although they are summer residents, their dedication is such that they answer more calls as part time residents than the full time residents in the Ambulance Corps.  They respond to over 400 calls annually.  Quite a feat as they are 72 and 63 years old respectively. Paddy is a retired NYPD officer and has two surviving sons; Greg (also retired NYPD) and Jerry. I cannot imagine a more fitting tribute to Patrick Jr. than to have his parents have the privilege of stitching the 911 flag.  They are outstanding examples of service & sacrifice to their community.