Georgia Stories

Tom McKeever, Ellijay

(Nominated by Jeff Parness)
Gilmore High Scholl
July 30, 2011

Tom was Boston (BFD) Volunteer Firefighter for a number of years. He was on the Brevard County, FL VFD for 6 years in the 70’s and tried to get on in Gilmer but was unable because his legs were weak from polio. According to Tom’s grandfather, his great-grandfather was supposedly on the NY Fire Department in the late 1800’s and earlier, his great-great-grandfather, a fire captain in Watertown MA. Tom says it is in his blood.  Tom was also founder of a volunteer organization who worked with South St. Seaport, and Pete Seeger on the Hudson River cleanup project in the 70’s. Recently, Tom has worked locally to help New York Says Thank You with the Susan Littlejohn project after the tornado destruction as publicist and WebMaster. Tom brings a Shirt, Patch and small Flag to honor New York Firefighter Kevin Kelly, who carried the small Flag with him at Ground Zero.