Georgia Stories

Rick Harris, Ellijay

(Nominated by Lucy Harris and Mike Bramiett II)
Gilmore High School
July 30, 2011

As a young man, Rick faced the fire of enemy forces south of DaNang in Viet Nam. When Sgt. Harris returned safely to the United States he was determined to live a life that matters and cherish every moment of his walk upon this earth.  Harnessing his immense passion for God and nature as well as an intensely American pioneer spirit, he built a home with his own hands in the wilderness of North Georgia.  It was there that he distinguished himself as the strong, but humble father of fallen hero, Lt. Noah Harris. After Noah was killed in action, from day one Rick stepped up to the plate and was the rock that held up the family and friends. He said that Noah had found his purpose in life and that he was proud of him. You can actually see it in his eyes when he talks about Noah. To this day, he has never faltered in his love for God, country, and family; he continues to live heroically, praising our founders, blessing our flag, and sharing his son’s “I Do What I Can” philosophy.  He is the American that all of us should strive to be.