New Hampshire Stories

The Freeport Flag Ladies, Portsmouth

(Nominated by Walter Skold)
Portsmouth Fire Station #2
Auguest 23, 2011

These three ladies are known as angels to literally thousands of US soldiers and their families. They are also heroes in the State of Maine. EVERY SINGLE TUESDAY since 9-11-01 they have stood with their flags in Freeport, Maine: rain, shine, sleet or snow. Both our Senators have praised them and given them flags. Almost every week for several years they have driven 2 hours, often late at night, to see off our troops at the Bangor Airport. Many people welcome troops home; few make it their point to give a hug and a gift to soldiers who may not ever return. Also, they have spearheaded a 3-day 9/11 celebration in which a piece of WTC Steel is going to be dedicated in Freeport. They would be so deeply honored to be able to stitch the National Flag, and your group could no pick better examples of pure patriotism and compassion.