New Hampshire Stories

Jacqueline Margerison, Portsmouth

(Nominated by Kathleen Maxwell)
Portsmouth Fire Station #2
Auguest 23, 2011

The hands of Jacqueline Margerison have an angels touch. She took care of her husband, John, a US Army veteran, at their home during his 10 years with Parkinson’s.  Upon his death she went back to college and into a whole new career when she obtained a nursing degree so she could help others who were caring for loved ones in their homes.  She joined Hospice and became a director.  She has selflessly and tirelessly given to many, many families in need and has quietly volunteered hundreds of hours to the community and community programs.  At 76 yrs young, she continues to give whenever and wherever she is needed.  She is a true unsung hero in her dedication to patients under her care, and to the community that she serves. Her stitches would come from her great heart.