New Hampshire Stories

Russsell Osgood, Portsmouth

(Nominated by Sarah Fox)
Portsmouth Fire Station #2
August 23, 2011

Russ Osgood is the person who comes to mind when I read the history of your organization and the nomination criteria. Russ works as a full-time Paramedic Fire Fighter in Portsmouth, NH.  He began his fire fighting career as a volunteer in his hometown of York, ME.  He also worked as an emergency services dispatcher.  Russ is a 4-H leader.  He has held numerous other volunteer positions within his community and is an active and involved parent. His service stretches beyond our border as he has made a humanitarian trip to Guatemala. Just as the idea for the National 9/11 Flag grew out of people compelled to action by tragedy, the Portsmouth Fire Fighters’ Charitable Association grew from Russ’ action upon learning of my terminal cancer diagnosis. What Russ did brought together numerous communities.  Our family remains held within the love and support of those communities.   Russ’ actions continue to inspire others and have empowered them by seeing that one person can make a difference. I have lived past my initial prognosis.  I am alive to sit and stitch a national treasure that is a symbol of the compassion and support of humanity.  I would be further honored to be able to share the experience with Russ. He is deserving.