Montana Stories

Andrew Hampa, Helena

(Nominated by Major Lori Hampa-Chamberlin)
The State Capitol Building
August 2, 2011

Andrew serves in the Navy Reserves, located at Fort Harrison, Montana.  About four years ago his unit deployed to Iraq and he served as a driver on convoy security detail.  He saw and experienced many things, many of which were tragic.  His counselors, who can not speak of details, tell us he experienced horrific events.  Since his return home he has suffered greatly from affects of PTSD.  He fell into deep depression and began to drink heavily.  With the help of his family, friends and the Veterans Administration Hospital, Andrew took the step to enter the Vocational Rehabilitation program, is now attending college to study computer technology, and repaired his relationships with his three little girls, which suffered under the affects of his PTSD.  He is successfully pulling his life together.  AND, he still serves in the Navy Reserves and intends to continue his service as long as he can.  Andrew is my brother and he is my hero and I think, he, along with his other Navy brothers and sisters deserve this historic opportunity to apply a repairing stitch in the National 9/11 American Flag.